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Natural coconut oil extracted from locally grown coconuts, picked at the right age. The quality of the oil is visible from the water clear appearance. The oil has a nutty taste with a touch of sweetness that gives a great flavour to any dish. It also has a moisturising & cooling effect on the skin & hair making it healthy and supple.

Our mission is to produce and make pure coconut oil available to every consumer. Ittiyera is pure coconut oil produced from copra, dried coconuts grown locally in Kerala. Our coconut oil is not roasted or refined or blended. We believe pure natural coconut oil is the best way to enjoy this product whether for cooking, baking or massaging your hair or moisturizing your skin.



Copra from locally grown coconuts:

Our experienced buyers select and procure coconuts of the highest quality. This then goes through the process of sun drying, or cabin drying during the monsoon season, under hygienic conditions overseen by staff some of whom have been with us since we started production in 1965.



Extraction and filtration:

Once the coconut is dried to the apt level that removes moisture and ensure the best aroma and flavour, the copra is crushed and oil is extracted with the help of an expeller machine.  Upon extraction the oil is carefully filtered to avoid any solid particles. Even the cloth used for the filtration is important in the quality of the final oil.


Packed at source:

The freshly squeezed and filtered oil is packed in the same facility to ensure the quality of the entire process.



Best Before:

We only offer 6 months from packed as we feel the oil is best consumed within this period.



We have a range of SKUs that cater to individual customers whether you are a household, traveller or a business. We have developed a range of packaging to suit different needs. But whatever the package you choose you get the same quality of oil.


 - Economical pouches that come in 200ml, 500ml & 1lt.

 - Premium bottles that come in 500ml & 1lt.

 - Volume tins that come in 15kg.

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