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100 Years of producing Coconut Oil

 - Since its foundation in the year 1921, Ittiyera has been constantly evolving guided by the founder’s vision of high quality and excellent customer service.

1921 - Our Foundation


Founded in 1921 by P.K.Ittiyera, as a coconut oil trading business in the town of Palakkad in Kerala on the southern coast of India. As a youngster Ittiyera had left his native, Kunnamkulam looking for new opportunities. The brand back then, was known simply as P.K.I. even though Ittiyera never went into branding. Ittiyera still to date, proudly trades from this original location, even after almost a 100 years.



1965 – Entering Production


Within a few years Ittiyera went on to producing his own high quality coconut oil. At first it was by taking on lease an oil mill in Parli. Under the brand ‘Reshmi’ (sunlight), Ittiyera started supplying to coconut oil businesses. The oil was produced under a Rotary method (locally known as ‘chakku’).



1975 – Modernization & Expansion


As demand grew, it required increased production. His sons, who by then had taken over from Ittiyera, established a new mill in Kina Vallur, Parli. It was one of the first mills in Kerala to invest in the Expeller method of extracting coconut oil. Once again the family focused on the wholesale market. Coconut oil under the names ‘Reshmi’ & ‘Expeller’ were sold to businesses in Kerala and even to neighbouring places like Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pollachi, and Erode.



1990 – Need for Branding


The 90’s saw the establishment of Tamil Nadu as a major producer of coconut oil. This was fuelled by availability of cheap labour and empty land. This also saw the change in coconut oil production from a seasonal product to one that was available throughout the year. Big volumes and cheap prices naturally led to increase in adulteration. The focus shifted from quality and experience to simply the cheapest price. This resulted in the need for the family to invest in a brand so as to help the customer to identify with their own pure coconut oil.



2013 – The Creation of ‘I’


In the last few years, with the entry of the third generation family members, the focus shifted from the wholesale market to the branded and the retail consumer market. Market research revealed a high value of trust that the name Ittiyera had amongst the local consumers. Going by this, the brand name ‘I’ taken from Ittiyera was developed to give the age-old brand a modern twist. It was also seen as a brand name that could help the family’s ambition to take Ittiyera to new markets.


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